Do you have a waste problem?

  • Are you wasting money on inefficient collections?
  • Do you have insight on your total waste and recycling collection costs?
  • Do you know how often your bins are collected?
  • Do you ever have overflowing bins?
  • Do you empty bins too soon?


We are dedicated to keeping the world clean and connected by providing clean and smarter waste management solutions to Smart Cities and Smart Businesses.

We Love our Clients,
And They Love Us

“Before, we didn’t know when the trash bins in Bukchon became full. Now, we know in real-time the fill-level of each bin thanks to Ecube Labs’ solution. Since we’re able to quickly take action before any problem occurs, there are no longer any issues with garbage overflow.”

Welfare & Environmental Bureau

“After deploying the solution, we have been able to go from collecting 840 containers 4 times a day to collecting just 80 containers a day. This has increased our operational efficiency upwards of 90% and resulted in significant cost savings.”

Hannah Forbes

Talkin' Trash

Toss and TechFoundry: Smarter Waste Management for Stadiums and Arenas

Toss is proud to announce a strategic partnership with TechFoundry to introduce the Toss suite of smarter waste management solutions to stadium and arenas across the country.     TechFoundry is led by Tod Caflisch, who brings almost three decades of team technology leadership in the NBA, NHL and NFL. His accomplishments range from sports/entertainment venue fan experience technology to…

Toss Featured at Panasonic SmartCity Innovation Showcase in Denver, CO

Toss is proud to have been selected as the preferred smart waste management partner for the Panasonic CityNOW Smart City Innovation Showcase in Denver, CO.  Adjacent to the Denver International Airport, and in partnership with the City of Denver, a smart city is being built from the ground up that will include a solar-powered microgrid, high speed public WiFi, smart…

Going Green in the Silicon Valley – Toss and Simon’s San Francisco Premium Outlets

San Francisco Premium Outlets recently installed 9 TossCubes in strategic high traffic locations throughout the property as part of a larger smart waste management / IoT plan to use the TossCubes, TossCaps and the Toss CleanCityNetworks to reduce waste collection costs and add to Simon Property Group’s overall sustainability initiatives. Results of this initial deployment will be detailed in an…